We are homeowners and renters standing strong against displacement

Charlevoix Village Association (CVA) has been an active neighborhood association since the 1970’s on Detroit’s lower Eastside.  Our street boundaries are Mack to Kercheval, Mt. Elliot to Maxwell.  Recently the name “Islandview” has become popular for our neighborhood.  Many of our families have lived in this community for generations, and more people become new residents here by the day.

For years, mass school closings, home mortgage and tax foreclosures, and the gutting of city services like libraries, recreation centers, and public transit have been used to push out our friends and families in droves. And now that the developers of the “New Detroit” have taken interest in our neighborhood, we face mass displacement through higher rent, higher taxes, price gouging by insurance companies, and the rising cost of living, among many other factors.

We are building a movement against displacement, resegregation, and gentrification in response to plans for an inequitable “redevelopment” of our neighborhood. And because the struggles in all areas of our city are interconnected, the problems of Charlevoix Village will become the problems faced by all long-term Detroit residents. We want real guarantees built into redevelopment plans that prevent displacement of the poor, working-class, and largely black long-term residents of our community.

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