1. Stop the displacement and resegregation of Detroit. End the prioritization of the “New Detroit” over the Black, Latinx, Arab and undocumented communities who have been here for years.
  2. Implement a moratorium on tax foreclosures and evictions.
  3. Make home repair grants accessible. Right now only loans are available, and if you’re behind on taxes or don’t have enough homeowner’s insurance you can’t access these loans. Create options that combine repair assistance with homeowner’s insurance & property tax assistance (like some mortgages).
  4. Support long-term residents struggling to remain in the city, as well as those who have already been displaced. Provide incentives to long-term residents and displaced residents that are equitable to what you provide to newcomers. Support low-income people with cost of living. Redirect Step Forward funds toward helping people stay in their homes. Make empty homes the city is holding onto available to displaced people who want to come back to this community.
  5. Protect new and existing affordable housing. 40% of new build and rehabilitated housing must be reserved for affordable housing provided on a sliding scale based on income.
  6. All blight removal and land repurposing must be decided by the community.
  7. Reliable city services. We want block-by-block attention in our neighborhoods, including tree cutting, sewer and drainage, better lighting, sidewalk and street repair, and clean-up of alleys.
  8. Keep money for development and repair grants in our community. Contractors need to be approved by us. Contractors should be local, hire local, and train people in our community.
  9. Support small Black and minority businesses run by long-term residents. There must be equitable set-asides and incentives for new and existing Black-owned and minority-owned small businesses, prioritizing long-term residents responding to community needs and wants.
  10. No school closings! Invest in schools, libraries, and tech centers. Our schools need to be supported and maintained, not shut down. We need libraries and tech centers with programs and trainings for people of all ages.
  11. Equitably allocate funding throughout all of Detroit, not just a few chosen areas. In the master planning process, the city wants to funnel money into revitalizing a few neighborhoods they’ve selected (nodes) and connecting these areas. There is no plan for everyone else.

Download CVA’s demands here!